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Done-For-You Email Newsletters & Marketing

Drive Targeted Traffic & Generate Leads!
Reach over 150,000 business professionals each week! Choose your audience and we will do the rest. Powerful, cost effective and 100% turn-key. 
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Exclusive B2B Email Lists
One word describes our data... Meticulous. Our database is comprised of over 150k of the most exclusive email addresses belonging to decision makers in over 100 industries and niches.

Incredible Value!

Stay top-of-mind with thousands of decision makers in your industry. For less than $90 per newsletter you can reach up-to 10,000 highly targeted decision makers each week. 

All design, editing and copy included. Your own branded eNewsletter !

For your convenience, our database is sorted by industry, title, location and niche. You can even mix and match lists to create the perfect audience for your company.

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Step 1: Sign up: Just choose the email list(s) and plan that is best for you.
Step 2: We will design a fresh eNewsletter every week. 
Step 3: We will deliver it to the email list(s) of your choice every week. 
Step 5: We will provide you with detailed open and click results.

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Targeted Audiences. Intelligent Advertising

Every subscriber in our database is a member of Linkedin! 90% are C-level executives or business owners. 

100% of our lists are comprised of people who are members of Linkedin. These are real B2B emails and are of the highest quality. Search our lists and find the perfect audience for your message. Our B2B lists are meticulously maintained and have active readers who are interested in services that can help them save time or make money. Stay top-of-mind with these people by sending them timely, informative newsletters and promotions every week. 

Your branded, custom eNewsletters will feature carefully curated articles of specific interest to the audience you choose. Each newsletter will also include professionally designed banners and powerful contextual advertising that will keep your business in front of the right people. 

Our service 100% turn-key. This means everything is done for you from A-Z!  We even deliver your newsletter to our email lists. Fresh. Niche-targeted. Attractive design. Done-for-you delivery to hyper-targeted audiences.

  • Entrepreneur Style eNewsletter

    An example of an eNewsletter sent to business owners or entrepreneurs.

  • Slide Title

    An example of an eNewsletter with content specific to people in the shipping and/or import/export industries.

  • Slide Title

    An example of an eNewsletter that was sent to German business owners. The goal was to raise money for a life saving operation for Siamese twin sisters.

See live samples of our newsletters HERE...

Carefully Curated Content

A done-for-you series of professionally designed email newsletters. Carefully planned. Perfectly branded. 

Each week the people on your chosen list will receive a fresh newsletter on interesting topics in their industry.  Your newsletter will prominently feature your company with attractive, professionally designed banner ads as well as powerful contextual advertisements. 

So for example, if your target audience consists of architects, we will create a series of newsletters containing industry related architectural news. 

All Eyes On You

Powerful Calls To Action

Every article in your newsletter contains "sticky" content that keeps your message in front of readers. Here is an example of a banner overlay with call to action. When a reader clicks on an article in your newsletter your banner will follow them. This generates more quality traffic to your website.

100% Turn-key, Easy, Affordable Advertising!

Nothing to learn. Nothing to do. We do it all for you. We even provide the email list!

No need to learn how to use confusing email platforms or search through endless content to find interesting articles for your eNewsletter. You don't even need your own email list. We do everything for you from A-Z. Your professionally designed email newsletters and solo campaigns will keep your company top-of-mind with your target audience. They will also generate a regular stream of highly qualified traffic to your website.

Reporting & Tracking

Know exactly who has clicked on your newsletter. Follow up and close deals!

We carefully track opens and clicks for each eNewsletter during your entire campaign. We even provide you with the highly valuable email addresses of the people who clicked. This way you can follow up with timely information or even try to close deals.

  • Slide Title

    Each eNewsletter is carefully tracked for opens and click-thrus. We will provide you with the actual email addresses of everyone who clicked on your campaign. Most other email companies will not do this for you. They charge a premium for this highly valuable email addresses.

  • Slide Title

    You will receive important additional details on unique clicks for the banners which are overlaid on the articles in your eNewsletter. This way if someone clicks and goes to your website we will be able to tell you exactly who they are.

  • Slide Title

    You will also receive an easy to read map showing you the location of each person who clicked on your banners.

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